D1's product innovations are unmatched in the hot tub industry. No company delivers more in-the-water features and benefits than D1.


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Dimension 1 Accents

"In-the-water" Features and Benefits


D1's product innovations are unmatched in the hot tub industry. No company delivers more in-the-water features and benefits than D1.


In the anatomy of aquatic massage, the NeckFlex Jet System provides you with the ultimate in a precision massage experience. The NeckFlex Jet System features four powerful, user-adjustable jets, which are ergonomically seated in a curved, padded head cradle (or pillow). Each jet provides you with water volume and nozzle angle control. The height of the padded head cradle is also user adjustable. Move it up or down to five different locations to achieve the perfect fit in this perfect seat. D1 invented and patented this personal bliss machine, the first and only height-adjustable neck jet pillow system in the industry.


What’s the most important part of a hot tub? You! With that in mind, the human bio-mechanics design team at Dimension One Spas applied the principles of Hydronomics to develop exclusive “no-float” seating angles that keep you pleasantly, pleasingly in your seat instead of aimlessly, randomly drifting about.

BioForm Seating and the science of Hydronomics that lays at its foundation also provides you with optimized body positioning, full body immersion, ideal jet and jet-control placement and the correct sizes and types of jets.


Water holds the power to invigorate the spirit, replenish the soul, refresh the mind and relax the body. D1 activates the power of water with UltraLounge, the “spa-within-a-spa” massage seat that delivers head-to-toe massage action, washing away tensions and concerns, providing the ultimate in whole-body hydrotherapy.

UltraLounge is based on the principles of D1’s Hydronomics, of course. As such, with UltraLounge, you feast in its many bounties, including no-float design, sculpted leg contours for superior fit and Tactile Therapy for wrists and hands. Go ahead, make your day. Use UltraLounge.


Introduced in 1999, UltraLounge was the world’s first programmable hydrotherapy lounge. With the Dynamic Massage Sequencer, a user can choose from six pre-programmed, automated massage sequences that turn an ordinary hot tub soak into a extraordinary, full-body hydrotherapy experience.

The UltraLounge isolates pump power to six specific therapy zones, this bliss machine features a digital control panel with active therapy display; pause control for specific pain areas; speed control to adjust your sequence time, fast or slow; and silent valve operation to create that environment of other worldliness that we long for.


The ancient arts of reflexology and acupressure have brought relief from aches and pains to millions of people throughout the ages and around the world. 

D1’s Tactile Therapy takes form in the provision of various sized therapeutic “bumps” that have been grouped together at key acupressure points for the arms, hands, wrists and feet. The raised Tactile Therapy bumps stimulate trigger points in these key areas, providing you with an acupressure massage.


The yin and yang of form and function blend seamlessly in the design of D1’s Accent Ring Jet System. The AR Jet blends human interface with aesthetic appeal. Its angled face is designed to offer unparalleled tactile user control. So, say goodbye to slippery underwater jets and say hello to personal control, no matter your hand size or strength.

Plus D1’s magnificent Typhoon Jet offers you a powerful, vertically-mounted jet in the foot well. The Typhoon Jet provides high-volume performance that targets key trigger points in legs, calves and feet.


We believe that feelings define experience. So we dedicated countless hours to creating hot tubs that create extraordinary experiences. That’s what D1’s Liquid FX luxury packages are all about. Liquid FX, or LFX, provides an interplay of light and shadow and sight and sound through the use of gravity-defying fountains and exquisite lighting effects.

D1’s LFX Mood Enhancers are little domes through which LED lights passes to create an experience unparalleled in a backyard soak. Exclusive, interchangeable Mood Enhancers deepen the emotion of the night through light.


How to soothe the mind and body. With a marine-grade outdoor stereo complete with CD, auxiliary inputs and high-quality speakers, setting the mood for your outdoor experience has never been easier.

D1’s factory installs the optional Poly Planar® stereo system on its hot tubs in the Bay Collection and Reflections series. Featuring two speakers mounted inside of the spa and two speakers mounted near the outside front panel, you can use the system when the spa cover is closed!