Professional Spa Maintenance

For your convenience, we have a Spa Service Professional who can service, clean, or repair your Dimension 1 hot tub or spa. Whether you simply need a spa tune-up, need a problem diagnosed, or need urgent assistance, our Spa Service Professional is available to meet all your hot tub and spa needs. Call us today at 516-872-2700 and ask for Dan. 

Do-It-Yourself Spa tips

Spa Start Up Check List

Fill hot tub by placing hose into the filter cavity and opening the bleeder valves. The filters may remain in place as well as the floating basket. Do not fill the hot tub until the electrical work has been completed. Fill the tub to the middle of the tile line. If your tub does not have tiles, fill it to the middle of the V. \_____/ When the tub has reached its proper fill level, the power may be switched on.

The tub will begin to heat. @home model hot tubs will heat by running the jets, and the Reflections line will heat by using the circulation pump, not the jets. Both the jets or circ pump will run until the hot tub has reached the temperature selected on the control panel. The temperature reading on the control panel will read the temperature of the water. To select the temperature that you wish the spa to reach, press the + symbol to raise the temperature or the – symbol to decrease the temperature. This will be your “Set point”.

At this point you may begin treating your water. All water out of the tap will be sanitized, it will also have an amount of minerals and metals dissolved in the water, and will have a low PH level. These minerals and metals will be filtered out of the water within the first week or so and the filters will be required to be cleaned twice the first week and thereafter only once a month.

When cleaning your filters monthly also check the water with your test strips for proper PH and or other chemical levels depending upon what sanitation regimen you are using. Add two tablespoons of SHOCK, or add according to the manufacturer’s directions, Chlorine or bromine.

Proper water treatment will work only when the spa is being properly filtered. When using a Vision cartridge, if you have two filters, place it on the top of the filter underneath the one piece cover; and if you have one filter, place it under the floating strainer basket on the filter. When removing the filters to clean, shut off the power to the spa or place the spa into standby mode, and always remember this is a non-force procedure. Turn the filter to the left ½ turn then pull up on one of the 4 tabs and remove the filter. After having the filter removed from the filter cavity, clean the filter with your garden hose using the jet setting on your hose. The better you clean your filters the longer they will last. Try to spread each vein of the filter paper and clean using the jet setting from top to bottom.

Water Chemistry Guidelines

When adding any chemicals to your spa, run all the jets on high. While leaving the jets on, add the chemicals. Leave the jets running until they automatically shut off. This will ensure proper mixture of the chemicals into the water.

When using Shock, Shock hot tub with D1 shock treatment as follows:

  • If using hot tub 1 – 3 times a week, shock once a week, 2 oz. per dosage
  • If using hot tub 4 – 6 times a week, shock twice a week, 2 oz., per dosage

When using Chlorine or bromine, follow the manufacturer’s directions.
Maintain PH between 7.2 –7.8. This will allow the chemical regimen to work properly as well as keep the plastics soft.

Water Management Start Up Procedures

Retest water after 4 hours when changing water chemistry.

Test PH using test strips. PH should be between 7.2 – 7.8. Most tap water will need the PH to be increased.

To raise PH: Increaser

With the jets turned on high speed, add the recommended dosage (depending upon gallons of the hot tub) to the hot tub water. Continue running jets on high speed for at least 15-30 minutes. Turn jets off, retest after 4 hours and repeat until the PH reads between 7.2 – 7.8.

To lower PH: Decreaser

Take one gallon of water from the hot tub and mix ¼ oz of Decreaser. With the jets on high speed pour this mixture into the water around the perimeter of the hot tub. Continue running jets on high speed for 15-30 minutes. Turn jets off, retest after 4 hours and repeat until the PH reads between 7.2 – 7.8.

Notes About Vision

Vision, Shock, and the Ozonator all work together. If one of these components is not functioning properly then the water will not be sanitized properly. The components need to be changed or added properly according to these guidelines; Shock at least once a week, Vision cartridge replaced every 6 months, and the Ozonator replaced every 2 years.

Vision is a powerful bactericide which is an alternative to conventional sanitizers like chlorine and bromine. It is important to realize, however, that any sanitizer or bactericide can be over-taxed, meaning that chlorine may need to be used in very small dosages from time to time.

Vision will not cause PH bounce and will not contribute to high levels of total dissolved solids (TDS) commonly found with conventional sanitizers. You should drain and refill your hot tub about every 3 – 6 months.

The Vision cartridge will last up to 6 months and should be replaced before it has expired. This can be used as a reminder to change the water in your spa as well.

Do not use stain and scale control or other metal sequesterants on a regular basis (only upon startup), as they could impede the performance of Vision.

The best method of measuring the effectiveness of your Vision system is by being aware of the visual clarity of the water. If cloudiness or any odor is present in the water, your water chemistry is not properly balanced. After following the instructions on your water chemicals call your local D1 dealer for assistance. (Five Star Spas (516) 872-2700)

Water clarity is obtained by proper chemical balance and good filtration. If either is not correct the water quality may be affected and appear cloudy or dull.

Always remember that hot water can carry many forms of bacteria. Vision, Shock and the Ozonator will kill 99.96% of tested bacteria, but like Chlorine & Bromine, it is not a guarantee for germ free water. Proper water maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s suggested guidelines will help to ensure safe and enjoyable water.