Reminiscent of the original, barrel-style hot tubs, the Journey can entertain up to 4 guests in this barrier-free seating design, featuring incredibly strong jet hydraulics, 120V conversion and a new whirpool diverter jet



The Venture is the largest, most powerful, fully featured hot tub in its class. The exclusive MaxTherapy Seat®, UltraLounge®, patented NeckFlex Jet System® and dual pop-up water fountains are just some of the great features you'll enjoy in this adventurous backyard retreat.



The versatile Wayfarer hot tub features two distinct therapy seats. A deep, powerful therapy massage "for him," which features our patented NeckFlex Jet System® and provides the ultimate in comfort for a wide range of users. And "for her," there's the not-so-deep ultra-comfortable therapy seat that offers a more subtle massage plus shoulder-top jets that target her aching shoulder muscles.



D1's Dream is simply one of the best value-priced hot tubs ever produced! Offering triple-layer, 100% closed-cell foam insulation, this gem also offers 31 massage jets, a beautiful and adjustable waterfall, a super-relaxing High-Performance Lounge and other amenities and options that competitors only wish they could provide.



Sojourn delivers the ultimate in comfort and performance, so sit back and enjoy its 42 jets and countless massage variations. Whether relaxing alone in this 4-corner seating spa, entertaining friends or spending time with family, the Sojourn will ensure a fun and relaxing environment that everyone will enjoy.



The Cove hot tub is ideal for a small patio or garden area. Plus it fits through a standard doorway opening. This versatile tub is available in either 240V or 120V. The 120V option allows for ultra-convenient plug-in to a standard wall outlet.