Hydrotherapy spas


Sarena Bay

The Sarena Bay is the most luxurious hot tub in the world. Unlike ordinary, square hot tubs, its patented, curvilinear design will add an eye-catching centerpiece to your backyard retreat. A pair of "His and Her" UltraLounges® each equipped with a programmable Dynamic Massage Sequencer offers a professional, day-spa massage.


Amore Bay

Imagine your own peaceful paradise where you and your soulmate share private moments together, igniting new passions or re-igniting old. This warm water Shangri-La features the transformative use of lights, sights, sounds and colors to evoke a transcendent hot tub experience unlike any other.


Lotus bay

Inspired by the Asian water lily, the Lotus Bay is known for delicate beauty, subtle curves and its peaceful sounds of a babbling brook. Plus the warm romantic glow of its unique lighting system will soothe your mind, body and spirit. Enjoy dual, patented NeckFlex Jet Systems®, Dynamic Massage Sequencer and Tactile Therapy. The Lotus Bay offers an exquisite balance of style and performance.


Dupree bay

Imagine an exclusive place where you and your soul mate can share private moments together while melting away the cares of the day. The Dupree Bay is the most luxurious two-seater hot tub ever created. Beneath the sight and sounds of its exquisite beauty, lies a powerful, high performance hydrotherapy machine.